Steven E. Malone, Attorney-at-Law, has more than 35 years of experience with millions of dollars in recoveries!  Steve's practice concentrates on all aspects of civil law including personal injury, real estate transactions, wills & estates, estate planning, divorce and most of your common personal and business legal needs.

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About Your Lawyer

Competence-Steve has practiced in all New York State Courts from the lowest to the highest.

Trust-Steve is rated very high by a National Rating firm.  Steve listens to you and your unique concerns.  His best judgment and your informed input guide his representation of you.

Approachability-Feel comfortable with Steve.  Friendly and direct, you'll know where you stand with him.

Services-Receive timely service and keep informed about your case.  Call anytime with your legal question.  Feel confident about referring friends or relatives to Steve.

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1173 Pittsford-Victor Road

Powder Mill Office Park, Suite 250

Pittsford, NY  14534

My Commitment To You

You can trust that your business and personal matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity and the utmost discretion. The end result will be accurate, on time and meet with your approval.



1173 Pittsford-Victor Road, Suite 250, Powder Mill Office Park, Pittsford                     


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